Phalahi Tree Bathinda

Gurudwara Phalahi Sahib in Lakhisar, in Bhatinda is sacred to the memory of Guru Gobind Singh, who passed through this area on his way from Muktsar to Talwandi Sabo in early 1706.

A datun of Phalahi Tree was planted at the site which, in due course, took the shape of four gigantic Phalahi Trees. Presently, there are two very big trunks lying dry, parallel to the ground, while two others of nearly forty feet length are still growing, also parallel to the ground, a botanically rare phenomenon. The tree has survived and grown on its own without any maintenance.

People bring wooden pegs and fix them near the root of the Phalahi Tree for getting blessings for the birth of a son or production of higher yields of milk from their cattle. Special gatherings take place every month to mark the full moon day.

Setting up of the Museum has been undertaken with Financial Assistance from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India