Peepal Tree Amritsar

This Gurudwara commemorates the site where Guru Arjan Dev welcomed the devotees from Afghanistan and Northwestern Districts of Punjab coming to take part in the excavation project of the main Amritsar Sarovar (tank).

The leaves of this Pipal Tree have a unique and unusual golden-yellow pigmentation on the upper side.

The Pipal Tree is one of India’s most sacred and venerated trees. In Indian religious tradition, it symbolizes the continuity of life because it lives and grows for hundreds of years.

This unique quality of the pipal tree finds mention in the Guru Granth Sahib in the following verse:
Whosoever repairs in the Society of the saints,

Becomes its part;
As does the palas plant of the pipal tree.
–Guru Granth Sahib, Page 1325

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