Garna Tree Hoshiarpur

Bodal village, in Hoshiarpur district, is sacred to Guru Hargobind Sahib, who once visited the site during a hunting campaign and rested for some time under the Garna Tree.

The tree bears the fruit popularly known in Punjab as garuna, or gharaunda, a berry of dark purple colour, perhaps why this tree is called Garna. The Garna Tree, which has usually long and sharp spines, does not grow very high.

In the old days, the Hoshiarpur region had a large number of garna trees, and the garna fruit was popular among pilgrims on their way to the Naina Devi temple.

Roots of the Garna Tree were also useful for curing worm-infested sores of animals. The Garna Tree at Bodal is about 350 years old.

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